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A personal approach to events!

Helping you find your fit & flair so that your wedding screams you.

There are plenty of things to worry about in life, your wedding shouldn't be one of them! While you cherish the joy of the occasion, we'll handle the stress.


The average wedding takes 528 hours to plan

 A great wedding planner will cut that time by at least half. Which allows more time for the couple to look forward to their day and plan the other details of Maritial life. 

What does your dream wedding look like?

About us.

Elizabeth Davis

One of her passions in life is helping people facilitate their events to proivde a unique experience that draws people closer together. She loves all things spatial and tries to help remove any hinderances in set up so that the purpose of the space is evident.

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The services we offer.

Hands off

  • Day of Co-ordinator 
  • Meidator of Contracts for Venue and Vendors
  • 4 Creative Meetings
  • Starting Price: $800

Elbows Deep

  • At least 10 Creative Meetings 
  • Suggested Venue & Vendors List
  • Custom Development of Wedding Design 
  • Decoration of Venue & Clean-up
  • Custom Assistance in Wedding Schedule
  • Starting Price: $3500

Hands on

  • 8 Creative Meetings 
  • Suggested Venue & Vendors List
  • Assistance in Wedding Design 
  • Starting Price: $1600

About our packages.

We offer various levels of service to help fit the needs of our clients. Every client is different, so our packages vary to meet those wants and needs.

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